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TL;DR: I do software stuff and can tell you how to do things well, for money. Get in touch if this interests you.

bars_and_spaces is a formalization of my side work efforts. I offer custom software development and consulting services, aligned to my background in technology, which is generally:

  • Firmware and desktop software for Opticon barcode scanners
  • DevOps consulting

Specific services include:

  • Documentation and design of software and distributed system architecture
  • Evaluating existing designs to identify bottlenecks, alternatives, tradeoffs
  • Troubleshooting, debugging, and adding features to existing codebases
  • Infrastructure-as-code and other process automation
  • Consulting on best practices regarding the SDLC and DevOps

This work doesn't pay my bills; I spend normal business hours managing engineers. But if you're a competitor of where I'm currently employed, I'm not your guy this go-round. And I come to each gig tabula rasa - I'm not about to reuse anything done for a previous customer or my current employer. I don't dig conflicts of interest.


Some happy customers:




Vernon Powell Shoes

M. A. Mortenson Company

Event Management Solutions


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